"Releived vertigo and anxiety"

I first found out about medicine mamas at Capital City Bikefest. I stopped in to see if they had liquid. I usually get my liquid in South Carolina but haven’t had time to run down there lately. I started taking cbd for vertigo a few ago when my prescription meds for it wasn’t doing anything at all. So they didn’t have liquid that I could vape so the guy suggested trying the preroll. I admit I was hesitant but I said the heck with it for $7 a preroll I’ll give it a try. I will say it was awkward a first and took me back many years when I tried it. But I got over that quickly. It helped my vertigo. It really helped.

The last two weeks I’ve been getting anxiety bad and let me tell you it helped that. It calmed me down and I felt so relaxed. I can’t recommend the prerolls enough. They are amazing and I am so glad I have them a chance. I haven’t tried the edibles as I found in the past they didn’t help me at all. Who knows maybe one day I’ll give them a try but for now the prerolls have been my saving grace. Thank you so much medicine mamas for making an amazing product that really does help.

~ Theresa